The Gender Wage Gap in Canada

In 2014-15, I received research funding from the Ontario Pay Equity Commission's Gender Wage Gap Grant Program. On this page are the results of that (and related) research.

Gender wage gap workshop

With Miana Plesca and others, we organized a gender wage gap workshop at the University of Guelph on April 17, 2015.
My slides are here. The workshop's website is here.

The Gender Wage Gap in the Canadian Provinces, 1997-2014

This paper is also posted as LCERPA Working Paper No. 2015-6.

Abstract. This study examines the gender gaps in average hourly wages facing private sector full time employees in the Canadian provinces, using data from the Canadian Labour Force Survey. Over the 1997-2014 period, all provinces have made progress toward narrowing the gender wage gap, though notably little progress was made in Newfoundland and Alberta. Much of the variation across provinces in the gender gap is eliminated once we account for gender differences in individual and job characteristics in each province. Decomposition results suggest a large portion of the wage gap in each province is explained by gender differences in industry and occupation. The unexplained portion of the wage gap has been reduced in many provinces as gender differences in industry and occupation play an increasingly important role.

The paper is posted here
A data set of mean wages and other characteristics is posted as an excel file *coming soon * here.
The Stata do-file that can reproduce all results is here


Ontario's Gender Wage Gap

Schirle, T. and E. Vickers. 2015 "The 2014 Gender Wage Gap in Ontario." LCERPA Commentary No. 2015-1, March 2015.

Abstract. In this report we provide 2014 estimates of the male-female gap in average hourly wages for private sector Ontario workers aged 20-59, using the 2014 Labour Force Survey. We decompose the wage gap to describe the extent to which the gap reflects gender differences in observable characteristics and the extent to which the gap is unexplained. Overall, the average wage of Ontario women in the private sector was 81.4% of the average wage of Ontario men in the private sector. A large portion of the gap (44%) reflects gender difference in industry and occupation, but 56% remains unexplained.

Schirle, T. 2015. "Wage Gap Calculator" Excel file. The author suggests using this calculator after reading Schirle and Vickers (2015) LCERPA Commentary No. 2015-1.

Abstract. This calculator allows individuals working in Ontario's private sector to obtain a conditional prediction of the hourly wage for men and women given a set of personal and job characteristics. Less formally, individuals can obtain an estimate of the average hourly wage one might expect to see given an employee's attributes.