I will be teaching again in Winter 2016. I will teach EC316 Economics and Gender (revised since the last time it was taught, see below) and EC606 Labour Economics.

EC316 - Economics and Gender (Fall 2014)

This course was formerly posted as EC310X. There is no required textbook for this course, but the following is recommended:
The Economics of Women, Men and Work, 7/E Francine D Blau, Anne E Winkler, and Marianne A Ferber. 2014. Pearson. This textbook has not been ordered, but one copy will be available on course reserves at the library.
Throughout the course we will rely on journal articles and other materials typically available online.
Please find your course materials in MyLS. The course syllabus is also posted here..

Students will be evaluated using two term tests, a term paper, and a group presentation.